1. What is ScriptureHelps?

    ScriptureHelps is a free Bible-based Christian application created for the iOS, Windows 10, and Android ecosystems. I developed ScriptureHelps to satisfy a need I had for several years for a simple, portable digital reference that presents helpful Scriptures addressing a variety of topics for those times when I couldn't recall something appropriate. Of course this isn't an exhaustive collection of Scriptures for each topic, but I do believe it is representative and complete enough to serve in a majority of occasions. I plan to update this app with new content frequently until I run out of topics - or the Lord calls me home!

    The app also contains a Gospel tab that presents the plan of salvation for those interested in understanding how to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus, or to serve as a guide for those helping someone else come to faith in Christ. I use the Roman Road as the basis since it is a very clear and concise series of Scriptures presenting the path to repentance and salvation.

  2. Getting Started

    If you've already installed the ScriptureHelps application, then you understand the interface is simple and straightforward. Once you start the application you will see a main list of topics that you can scroll through vertically. Simply select a topic you're interested in and the application will display a details view where Scriptures will be listed that pertain to your topic of interest. The selected topic remains displayed to help you remember where you are.

    For iOS 12.x and up (iPhone only), the topic listing appears in the first view and, when you tap on a topic, the related Scriptures appear in a second, detail view. The app can only be used in portrait mode. Landscape mode has been disabled.

    For Windows 10 desktop and Android tablets, both the topic listing and the Scripture details appear side-by-side on the main view. The tablet apps will also transition from portrait to landscape as required to suit your preference.

  3. Feedback

    If you've tried ScriptureHelps and find it useful, I would appreciate your feedback! Head over to the Windows 10 App store or the Google Play store where you will see a feature that allows you to rate the app and write a review. You will need to login with your proper credentials before you can add your feedback.

    For iOS users, head to the Apple App Store on your iOS device where you will find the ability to provide a rating and feedback. Feedback and ratings are an important part of helping apps get noticed, so your time is greatly appreciated.

  4. Don't have the app yet?

    If you found this site but haven't yet tried ScriptureHelps, head to the Apple App Store on your iOS device or head over to the Google Play store. You will have to login with your appropriate credentials before you can download and install the app.

  5. Support

    For any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email me at: ScriptureHelps@gmail.com