About Me.

A brief explanation about how all this came about.

  1. First, a little about me ...

    I am a retired systems engineering senior manager with ~40 years of professional experience in the aerospace manufacturing and sustainment industry. I am married to a wonderful woman and we share two beautiful daughters - both now grown - two amazing granddaughters and a grandson on the way! Second only to Christ is my relationship with wife and my family. I have been truly blessed by the Lord!

    I was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ on September 16, 1993 - a day that I will never forget. When the One true God of the universe takes up residence in your heart, it's hard not to notice and respond!

  2. And a little about what I like to do ...

    I developed a strong appetite for the things of God, specifically Bible study and ministry. Along with attending church and teaching Sunday school, I am a staff chaplain at our local adult detention facility. Running parallel with my family and Christian commitments is an avid interest in technology, particularly computers, networking, software/website development, and gadgets of all shapes and sizes.